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About Us

Climate Collective is the largest private Climate Tech startup support organization in South Asia focused on empowering startups by leveraging the resources, partnerships, knowledge and opportunities available within the ecosystem.

Part of South – South Collective for Climate

S2C2 (South-South Collective for Climate) is a collaborative initiative aimed at propelling climate tech startups in the Global South.

By uniting partners and resources from Asia to Africa and Latin America, S2C2 nurtures innovative enterprises tackling climate challenges for local and global impact.
This collective effort helps in understanding the local context while building scale across the Global South. Hence, fostering a network of resilient entrepreneurs dedicated to shaping a greener future.

Building a sustainable
future together

Ecosystem Approach

Youth Education

Our curated modules which are domain specific and industry relevant, empower aspiring stakeholders (students, researchers, innovators, investors etc.) to learn and build sustainable climate tech solutions that mitigate the impacts of climate change.


We understand the need and urgency of specific skills in climate entrepreneurship. Our courses are designed by climate tech startup practitioners who have been a part of global climate tech programs. These courses aim to empower both aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to face critical challenges of the start up ecosystem.

Pre Acceleration for Women

Female entrepreneurs face many obstacles to success in climate tech, including access
to capital and structural discrimination.
Our pre accelerator is designed to bridge the skill-gap so that women and student entrepreneurs build adequate confidence and knowledge to thrive in the market. Specifically, our women-focused program helps female entrepreneurs address some of the more specific obstacles to their success in climate tech, including access to capital and structural discrimination.

Market Acceleration

Climate Tech startups need support at various levels. Validation is essential to ensure that the startup is building the right product for the right market, reducing risks and increasing the chances of success in this competitive landscape. Our programs are designed to provide the tools/resources for startups to get in front of customers and investors by helping them further refine their value proposition and sales pitch.


Startups face several challenges in scaling their operations and establishing their pilot programs with corporates. Our programs offer climate tech startups a platform for capacity building and deployment opportunities.


There is a need for utilities to monitor supply chain issues, decarbonization trends, workforce capabilities, and requirements for reliability and resilience. In our business-case development programs, we identify and showcase technological innovations by mature startups utilities, with refined solutions arrived at through co-creation.


Industries and corporates are committed on decarbonising their operations. Our programs help market actors (IPPs and manufacturing industries) engage with innovative solutions from climate tech startups to undertake pilots as a pathway toward their decarbonisation goals. Over 130 Indian companies have made a public pledge towards decarbonisation.


Supporting startups in climate innovation remains our key focus. We aim to provide working capital grants to startups in early commercialization or pilot sales as they develop early traction with clients.

Venture Funding

We have designed our capital stack after understanding the fundraising journey of a climate tech startup from the Seed to the pre-Series A stage.

For the Seed stage, we have an angel-syndication platform (Seeders).

For the pre-Series A stage, we have the institutional investors network (CTIN) as well as our upcoming
VC fund (Seeds).


As climate tech solutions become more technologically complex, there is a need to support
capacity-building within the investment community in order for investors to be able to acquire the necessary due-diligence and technical evaluation expertise. That’s where our services come into play, we have developed two key services to increase the flow of funding to climate tech startups. Where we offer a range of services providing access to industry experts and tools to support investors in maximizing their journey in climate tech.


As a unique and growing community we make it a point to meet and share! We host and organize several formal and informal events that are instrumental in stakeholders strengthening relationships with one another. Some of our events include: in person networking meet-ups, masterclasses, workshops, open-hours, and much more!


Our community supports and integrates various stakeholders that help create a positive impact and drive action in a meaningful way. Our community is one of the largest climate tech focused startup communities across the Global South. Members of the community drive climate action by engaging with one another to support each other’s growth as they scale their climate tech businesses.


The escalating impact of climate change has led to a surge in climate-related job opportunities globally. However, there remains a disconnect between employers and job-seekers in the region – this is the gap that our jobs platform
aims to bridge.

Be a part of this ecosystem

Why Climate Collective

Proven model for startup acceleration

We have demonstrated a scalable model to support early-stage climate tech startups in South Asia. In the process, we have evaluated over 3000 startup applications and accelerated more than 996 startups till date. We continue to onboard 200+ startups each year into our accelerator programs, many of which are creating class-leading solutions for India and the world.

Unlocking access to capital

We have successfully facilitated the flow of early-stage capital into the climate tech sector with the active support of 639 investors. Our startup portfolio has collectively raised USD 235 mn.

Diverse and vibrant community

Our community is unique, large, diverse and vibrant. Our members are committed, passionate and engaged – supporting the founders who are at the core of this community are mentors, investors, industry experts, and many other stakeholders. Today, our community is 21,000 members strong - and growing.

Our Portfolio

Managing plastic waste through collection & recycling

Econscious is at the forefront of transforming the post-consumer product trading ecosystem to establish a powerful, efficient, and effective collection and recycling model. They champion sustainability through our source segregation waste pickup service, ensuring a fully circular and sustainable process.

Their vision is to create a society with zero waste going to landfill. And, they are progressing well towards that with our source collection services. They offer plastic waste management services as well as a great range of recycled plastic products.

Single platform for EV charging

Kazam stands as an agnostic EV charging software platform dedicated to constructing India’s most extensive and cost-effective smart EV charging network. Thanks to their collaborations with fleets, CPOs, RWAs, and OEMs, they have successfully established a robust charging infrastructure, boasting over 7,000 devices integrated into our platform. Their overarching vision is to assume a pioneering role in the field of EV charging, not only within India but extending beyond its borders, capitalizing on our proficient software and hardware capabilities.

They aspire to take the helm in the field of EV charging, not only in India but also on a global scale, utilizing their expertise in both software and hardware. Their primary objective is to deliver a flawless charging experience to consumers by continually improving their hardware and software solutions. Through the development of a comprehensive EV ecosystem, they aim to collectively reduce emissions by an impressive 75%.

Sanitary pads can be recycled in a PadCare bin

PadCare is pioneering innovation and igniting the spirit of a fresh, sustainable era in sanitation technology. It’s not just another startup; it’s a groundbreaking revolution.

Their mission is to make modern sanitation choices safer and recyclable for women across the world and encourage inclusiveness, equality, and healthier practices in public hygiene on a global scale.

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