Climate Collective is a non-profit focused on empowering entrepreneurs throughout the Global South by building, or strengthening, local climate startup ecosystems by bridging the gap between the development and private sectors.

Climate Collective focuses on two broad areas of sustainability


There is little debate anymore that the time for action to fight Climate Change is now. However, if we are to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070, the International Energy Agency has estimated that 35% of the technologies needed are still at the demonstration or prototype stage, or not even invented! Startups will play a key role in developing these new technologies and solutions.


As the demand for resources continues to grow rapidly driven by greater economic development, there is a need to re-think the “take-make-waste” model to one that is much more sustainable. The concepts of Circular Economy aim to re-think this model deeply and create new products and solutions for consumers that reduce the strain on our environment and natural ecosystems

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Where We Are

Climate Collective aims to support 3,500 climatetech startups each year from the Global South.

Pillars of Our Ecosystem

To achieve our goals, the Collective is building an integrated set of platforms that take a holistic approach to support climatetech startups in the market validation stage of the Startup Journey.

What We Offer

Integrated approach to ecosystem
Holistic support to startups
Largest portfolio of climatetech startups
Global partnership model



Applications have opened for India’s largest cleantech startup program, ClimateLaunchpad, in partnership with ClimateKIC, the EU’s leading climate innovation initiative. Do check it out here.


The ElectronVibe program supports startups in working with electric utilities to integrate more clean energy into the grid while making it more resilient. Learn about the program here.


Our Women in Climate Entrepreneurship initiative aims to make the climatetech startup ecosystem more gender balanced by creating more opportunities for women interested in climate entrepreneurship.

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