The Climate Collective

The Climate Collective is a non-profit focused on unleashing the innovation and entrepreneurial talents of people to solve the myriad environmental challenges that we face in the region. For this, the Collective is building up local climate entrepreneurship ecosystems throughout South Asia through a regional partnership model to execute programs across the Subcontinent.

Focusing on three areas where there is a lack of ecological balance, or Circularities — Climate Change, Pollution, and Biodiversity – the Collective is building an integrated set of Startup platforms and tools to support climate entrepreneurship holistically through early stages of the startup journey.

To strengthen the ecosystem holistically, the Collective is developing  School platforms to  increase the skills and knowledge of soon-to-be climate entrepreneurs, Capital platforms to direct early-stage capital to promising startups, and Think platforms to provide local governments with policy research support to encourage more innovation.

To increase networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, the Collective is working on community solutions, or Presence, to build online and offline platforms among all stakeholders in climate entrepreneurship.

May Peace radiate there in the whole sky as well as in the vast ethereal space everywhere. May Peace reign all over this earth, in water and in all herbs, trees and creepers. May Peace flow over the whole universe.

– From Yajur Veda 36-17


The Collective looks at supporting solutions in three areas of ecological imbalance,  where modern development has not created sustainable systems – what we call “circularities” – that are contributing to extreme stress on our society and on our planet:

  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
  • Biodiversity
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Climate Change
Modern society, driven substantially by energy derived from fossil fuels, has significantly altered the way the Earth maintains its energy balance, creating a non-circularity that is leading to significant climate changes. Innovation can play a role in developing new solutions in the transition to energy sustainability… Read More
Factory Smoke Chemical Industry Chemist Pollution
South Asia has seen a significant degradation of our environment, whether in our cities, countryside, rivers and lakes, etc. Much of this is largely due to the lack of closed-loop solutions, or non-circularities, that captures or transforms pollutants before they are released into the environment.  Innovation can play a role reduce the polluting nature of many of our products and processes… Read More
Corn Tree Biodiversity Garden Life Nature Frog
One issue with less awareness but perhaps the greatest threat to life is the increasing reduction of biodiversity as modern society and lifestyles increasingly demand significant extraction of materials from nature that are not being replenished. As a result, the rate of extinction of species has accelerated drastically in this Anthropocene age. Innovation can play a role in developing substitution solutions that reduce our impact on nature and biodiveristy… Read More

The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.

– Thomas Sigsgaard


The heart of the Collective is the set of startup programs to support entrepreneurs in their startups. And as climate entrepreneurship is in a nascent stage in South Asia, the Collective is focusing on building an holistic set of platforms across the entire early-stage startup journey of entrepreneurs, from supporting the imagination of new ideas and innovation to the first commercial pilot or early sales.

The second key approach of the Collective is to build a set of core platforms that integrate with all the other climate and cleantech startup platforms in the Subcontinent, whether they be climate-focused hackathons and product challenges at universities  right up to deployment opportunities at corporates premises to pilot new solutions.

The Collective is building programs across the following areas:

  • Redesign – to help entrepreneurs think and design new and innovation solutions
  • Incubation – to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into working prototypes and business models
  • Acceleration – to help startups develop commercial products and solutions and reach out to the market
  • Pilots – to help startups attain their first commercial pilot or deployment
  • Diffusion – to help startups reach out to customers across South Asia and overseas
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Climate Redesign
Without the ability to imagine a truly new future, it will be difficult for many stakeholders to support exciting new climate innovation, whether through funding, deployment or policy. The Collective is building new programs to increase imagination capabilities of entrepreneurs and increasing acceptance of new innovation among all stakeholders… Read More
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Climate Incubation
Innovation for the environment requires a significant amount of technical expertise and insight coupled with significant entrepreneurial risk-taking to generate promising startups. The Collective supports climate incubators and startup studios  across many environmental domains… Read More
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Climate Acceleration
From prototype to commercial pilot, the Collective is building an integrated set of accelerator platforms to support promising technologies and ideas… Read More
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Climate Diffusion
For climate and cleantech startups to grow and reach their full potential, they will need more and more markets. The Collective is looking to build platforms to increase diffusion of exciting technologies across South Asia and to international markets, and vice versa… Read More

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Without a supporting ecosystem, the potential for climate entrepreneurship in South Asia will be significantly limited.

The Collective is supporting climate entrepreneurship ecosystems in three key ways:

  • School – to help climate entrepreneurs learn the technical skills of becoming a startup
  • Capital – to help direct early-stage capital to promising climate startups
  • Think – to support local governments in creating sufficient space to allow climate startups to thrive
Climate and cleantech is a technical field. And without more educational and skilling programs, it will be hard to generate the thousands of climate entrepreneurs needed to innovate and take risks… The Collective is developing programs and tools help support would-be climate entrepreneurs… Read More
Without early-stage funds, even the most promising climate startups will find it difficult to sustain themselves until they become sustainability on revenues.. The Collective is developing several platforms to increase funding to early-stage climate entrepreneurs…. Read More
Without significant alignment with the government, it will not be easily possible to realize the full potential of climate actions and climate innovation. The Collective is developing policy research to support state and local governments in creating enabling environments to bring climate innovation to the market… Read More

Let us live together; Let us be nourished together; Let us be able to do great deeds together; Let us be brilliant together in our study; Let us be loving; Peace, peace, peace.

– Shanti Mantra


Although startup and ecosystem programs and tools are necessary, a thriving community of climate startups need platforms and venue to network, share knowledge, and collaborate. The Collective is launching online and offline platforms  to strengthen the community:

  • Climate Hubs – to bring together the climate and cleantech community into physical community centers in key cities
  • Climate Spaces – to extend Climate Hubs virtually to coworking spaces across metros and into smaller cities
  • Mosambi – to extend the climate and cleantech community virtually
Climate Hubs
Climate Hubs is a climate and sustainability-focused coworking and community center to strengthen the ecosystem in major metros… Read More
Climate Spaces
Climate Spaces is a coworking partnership platform to extend the benefits of a Climate Hub membership widely in partnership with existing coworking spaces in large metros and smaller towns… Read More
Mosambi is a social network to connect the community virtually, complimenting the on-the-ground presence of Climate Hubs and Climate Spaces… Read More


The aim of the Climate Collective is to build and support people on the ground who are redesigning our world for sustainability.

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Although the partners in the Climate Collective have 10-20 years of experience in climate and cleantech, the Collective itself only started in 2017 to build a pan-South Asia platform together.

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The team behind the Collective holds it all together.

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The best way to predict your future is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln

Climate Challenges

If you are need a corporate startup challengeto solve a sustainability problem or find new eco markets, a Climate Challenge is for you…

Read More

Climate Boost

If you are a non-profit or government organization looking to set up a climate startup program and need help, Climate Boost can partner with you to help you build your platform.

Read More

Climate Consultancies

If you need help in developing your own climate innovation programs, we can help you on both design and support in execution.

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Our Partners

The Climate Collective is an association of climate and cleantech partners throughout South Asia and beyond coming together to build and execute programs to promote climate entrepreneurship locally throughout the region.

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The idea of the Climate Collective came from the need to replicate the initial work of PR Climate Studio, a climate startup platform in Mumbai and Delhi.

Pratap Raju

Pratap has been in the climate and cleantech space since 2009. From being one of the pioneers in solar in the early days of the National Solar Mission (24MW commissioned), he has know pivoted to supporting climate and cleantech startups throughout South Asia as one of the necessary and key enablers or a transition to a truly sustainable world. From founding the Climate Collective, he leads, among other things, the Climate Launchpad program in India as well as Nexus South Asia.

He has degrees from Harvard and Oxford.

Pramod-Photo- Profile Pic
Pramod Raju

Pramod Raju has been advising Indian Companies since 2000 as an Investment Banker with UBS Warburg and Goldman Sachs. He has worked with India’s leading infrastructure companies, giving him a deep understanding of the Indian Energy Sector. He founded PR Group, an investment advisory for the infrastructure sector which grew into renewable energy as well as cleantech incubation. Pramod has a B.A. from UPenn and a M.D. from NYU School of Medicine.


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