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ACT4Green II is aimed at addressing the funding, mentoring and business networking needs of climate-focused Indian and UK AI/Big Data startups by providing access to the cross-border network of experts, VCs, corporate customers and potential business/technology partners.

The program will support 12 promising AI or Big Data focused startups from India and UK working on climate tech solutions for

Carbon Emissions - logistics operations, intelligent transportation systems, etc.

Nature Conservation - land, water, and waste management, etc.

Energy Management - power utilities, smart grids, batteries & storage, electric vehicles, etc.


Under the UK-India partnership to co-lead global climate action, the UK Government has joined hands with leading climate tech accelerators in Climate Collective Foundation, New Energy Nexus, and Carbon Limiting Technologies to strengthen the Indian and UK climate tech start-up ecosystems by helping them gain access and establish powerful connections with venture capital networks in both countries.

The program will provide bespoke coaching and mentoring support to 12 growth-stage startups (6 from India and the UK each) focusing on Artificial Intelligence or Big Data-enabled climate innovation under the themes of carbon emission, nature conservation and energy management.

Over the course of this three-month engagement, the selected startups will receive guidance on enhancing their preparedness to secure investment from the VC network and explore pilot opportunities with potential business partners and government agencies.


LivNSense is an industrial AI startup that addresses the Net Zero Challenge for continuous process industries by harnessing the power of AI and Digital Twins Technology, leveraging their proprietary platform, GreenOps 

LogicLadder enables enterprises to manage their Sustainability and Net Zero transitions in a data-driven platformled approach using their flagship product The Sustainability CloudTM [TSC] 

LogisticsNow is building the digital logistics platform ( enabling data intelligence (powered by $1.5 billion in freight data), digital procurement and operations, with a vision to create the National Logistics Grid, the “brain for logistics”. 

BoreCharger is a unique, affordable, smart rainwater harvesting technology that recharges dry and low yielding borewells with 4 to 20 times more water and drastically improves water quality, quantity and duration of water supply 

Krishitantra (M/s Klonec Automation Systems Pvt ltd) is an Agri-tech startup specialising in soil technology, farm data acquisition and related cloud services – building disruptive solutions for soil analysis using cutting-edge technologies. 

Aumsat provides precise AI-enabled, satellite-based groundwater hydro analytics to Contract Farming Companies through a SaaS based (pay per acre) model for detecting, predicting and forecasting groundwater resources 

Ziptrax Cleantech develops advanced tech for Li-Ion Battery Recycling, Life Extension and Circular-Loop Manufacturing bringing transparency to the system through their Blockcahain platform 

Racanaa provides energy management services for distributed business establishments by automating data collection for performance insights and controls to optimise energy spent helping customers realise their energy-saving goals faster 

S-Cube provides algorithms for the improved characterization of subsurface geology through a combination of licensing its XWI software to major energy companies, providing access to software on public cloud systems (SaaS) and executing projects using its clients’ data.

LightFi provides HVAC automation hardware to improve building performance and simultaneously reduce energy consumption using IoT sensors and patented technology 

GreenEnco is a solar services company providing AI/ML based operational asset optimization, technical advisory and engineering services leveraging expertise in AI/ML tech for PVAPM (PV Asset Performance Management) and solar domain expertise 

Flexible Power Systems provides a turnkey solution to address the commercial fleet electrification challenge by integrating engineering, operations management and big data to deliver to customers more costeffective, low carbon, hardware and software pathways to net zero 


Bespoke Coaching

Investment Readiness

Mentoring by VCs
& Experts

Pitch Practice

Investment Summary

Connect with Cross-Border Businesses

Deployment Opportunities

Pitch to our Global Network of Investors


Growth-stage climate-focused AI or Big Data startups who have a revenue stream from core business, a customer pipeline, a clear growth strategy, and are seeking guidance on market access and fund-raising aspects from global experts, and access to new avenues of international capital and business development, are welcome to apply. We highly encourage women-led or women-impacting startups to apply.


AI/Big Data for carbon emission reduction – logistic operations, intelligent transportation system and supply chain etc.

AI/Big Data for nature conservation – land, water, and waste management

AI/Big Data for energy management – power utilities, smart grids, batteries & storage, electric vehicles, etc.

Application for

ACT4Green II

Closing on

9 January 2022
11:59 PM GMT


Over the span of 2 months, the selected startups are expected to dedicate  13-15 hours for 1:1 coaching, mentoring and enterprise connects.


Slide ACT4Green helped us gain exposure to international markets early on. This helped align our business strategy for better financial performance despite covid-19 disruptions. We highly appreciate FCDO efforts to put together such an amazing platform. Ankit Mittal
CEO, Sheru (Seygnux Solutions)
Slide Act4Green gave us great exposure to various facets of building a sustainable business. It was planned very meticulously & managed very professionally. We were able to learn from various accomplished trainers, and network with peer companies offering very diverse solutions from India as well as the UK. Girish Nagpal
CEO, MetroRide
Slide We are very grateful for all that support and mentorship from the ACT4Green team, Industry experts, and VCs with no dilution of any equity. It gave us great clarity about what the market looks for, what VCs look for, and how to best position our startup in this competitive space, taking us from 4/10 to 8/10 in a short span of 3 months! Dhivik Ashok
CEO, Go GreenEOT
Slide The Act4Green programme is an intense programme that will provide the essential building blocks for any company in the Cleantech space wanting to scale. Providing expert mentors and masterclasses in the most crucial areas, from clarifying your value proposition, marketing, team building and getting ready to raise investment. Finishing with a Demo day to pitch your company to investors. The networking opportunity with other cleantech companies, Investors in India and the Maharashtra State Innovation Society were the highlights of the programme for Senergy. Christine Boyle
CEO, Senergy
Slide We really enjoyed the ACT4Green accelerator. It was a well designed and well-run programme. The interaction between the SMEs from the UK and India was really interesting and a lot or support was provided in the build up to the cleantech venture day. Dan Aris
Director, R6 Eco-Engine
Slide 2021 was an important year for Gravitricity, we completed successfully our Concept Demonstrator project, which from a commercial aspect, allowed us to explore many more opportunities. ACT4GREEN allowed us to structure our approach to international markets, and how we undertake business development as a small SME. The masterclasses and opportunities the incubator allowed us to participate in were really beneficial to an early stage start-up Charlie Blair
Managing Director, Gravitricity




ACT4Green II

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