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The heart of the Collective’s Startup mission is an interlinked set of accelerators to bring startups from prototype to first commercial pilot to growth state. The components of the acceleration portfolio include:

Climate Ready

largely self-guided online platform to help climate entreprenuership with prototypes or business model innovation to transition to a business accelerator, focusing on improving business literacy especially around key themes (e.g., identifying customer, explaining value proposition) necessary to make the most of a business accelerator.  Coming soon

Climate Launchpad

A first business accelerator to help develop a basic business plan and test key 1-2 hypothesis to see whether the startup is ready to begin an intensive business accelerator. Read more.

Climate Runway

An early-state accelerator to support promising startups from Climate Launchpad and elsewhere with a 9-month program to help get startups ready for their first commercial pilot or early sales. Read more

Climate Pilots

Programs targeting deployment of innovation solutions either with corporates or governments, structured as accelerators or challenges. Coming soon

Climate Takeoff

Accelerators targeting growth and scaling up of startups after first commercial pilots or early sales, in partnership with leading corporates or local governments. Coming soon