Carpro Technologies

Agricultural dehydrator

Drying cardamom is very essential to store and keep it’s shelf life. The planters using fire wood abundantly. In Idukki District (Kerala) Planters, have been using more than 1.5 lakh tons of fire wood every year,which are deposit 2.7 lakh tons to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They collect the firewood by cutting 25,000 – 30, 000 trees from their field. The data shows that in the last six year Kerala lost 7000 of forest. (source website: dept.of.kerala forest) Here we mention one small district and kerala forest data for cardamom alone.So many agricultural and food processing industries can be adopt our technology and reduce their carbon foot prints. what will happened in the year 2030? Our processing system is unique with high yield. So our system helps the planters in two ways. a. Saving their money with less processing cost. b. Brings more money with retains the oil contents