Our Mission

The mission of the Climate Collective is to build the leading region-wide climate entrepreneurship platform in South Asia by 2020. This platform can be broken down into three basic buckets:

  • Startup programs
  • Community building
  • Ecosystem development

Startup programs

By 2020, the Collective will have a complete and integrated set of early stage accelerator programs to support entrepreneurs on the journey from prototype to early sales. The programs will support startups from every major region in India and all the countries of South Asia.

As well, the Collective, through its Collective Partners, will develop local climate and cleantech incubator programs specialized on most ofthe key domains, from solar solutions to cooling technologies to blockchain for the environment.

Community building

By 2020,the Collective will roll out community programs that increase knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among the climate and cleantech community in South Asia.  The main platform is Climate Hubs, a community center + coworking platform, targeting the major cities of South Asia, supported by virtual platforms for coworking – Climate Spaces – and networking – Mosambi.

Ecosystem development

In addition to startup programs and community platforms, healthy ecosystem require other tools and services to function well. The Collective will focus on building funding solutions — Climate Seeds — piloting and deployment solutions — Climate Pitch — as well as policy research support to local governments to allow the sector to survive — Climate Think.